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One of the best investments an organization can make is investing in their executive team. Our associates assist busy executives in acquiring the additional leadership skills they need to lead a team, department or an entire organization.

Performing consistently at a very high level requires the ongoing acquisition of new skills and training. The skills and experience that contributed to an executive's success early in their career, are not the same skills and experience that will make them successful later in their career. We provide individually tailored coaching programs to meet the specific needs of our clients. It costs more to recruit and train new executives than it does to invest in an existing executive team. Coaching and mentoring can help in retaining key executives.


Our experienced associates help entire organizations and small teams work through critical issues as well as strategic planning processes. Our approach is non-partisan. We will not lead your group towards the answer that we think is best. Our associates will facilitate consensus based solutions and/or new directions based on your organization's needs. Our associates' role is to make it easier for you to arrive at your own answer, decision, or deliverables.

Leadership Workshops

We offer a series of experiential based workshops that are designed to demonstrate the power of teams when they are comprised of individuals who are self motivated and united by a shared vision and purpose. These workshops range from one to three days and can be delivered on site or at a retreat facility of your choice. Our workshops may also involve keynote speakers as part of the program. We draw upon some of the leading professionals in the field of leadership and philanthropy to enhance your workshop experience.

Adventure Based Leadership Expeditions

Through adventure based leadership expeditions, we assist organizations with team building by providing not only a common experience, but also opportunities to align each member's talents to a common purpose and vision. We offer a variety of unique expeditions to get your team performing more effectively. Our custom expeditions can range from a three day canoe trip to a week long mountaineering experience anywhere in the world.


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